3 - Day Winter Cleanse Event options

Welcome to the "Three Day Winter Cleanse Event" options page. Please choose from the options listed below to get your cleanse going. Also take a moment to watch Dr, Mincey's Welcome video below;

Welcome to the 3-day Winter vessel cleanse event!



Step 1 - Get your copy of the audio or paperback book, 

The Art of Detoxification

From Bestselling



Step 2 -  Choose an option




 Option 1 - Summary of Contents (while supplies last)

  • Dr. Tyran Mincey's Promega Balance
  • All Systemic Detox 
  • Vessel Plus tincture
  • KB Plus
  • Lymph-aide 
  • Total chelate
  • Rosemary or Cypress Essential oil
  • Tea Ball infuser
  • Castor oil pack (8oz of organic castor oil, cotton flannel, and hot water  bottle)
  • 24 hour video access

Total cost of home kit $267.00    


Total cost of advanced kit          $442.00     




If you received any COVID19 shots or have been affected by them then add 

Plan V - $50.00 


Option-1 Details 

This plan includes the following Base support;

All System Detox herbal tincture - All herbal detox is several detoxifying herbs that increase cellular activity and elmination. What is in it?

Dr.Tyran Mincey's Promega Balance - This formula is created to support cell problems caused by damage also called inflammation. ingredients: 1000mg EPA,DHA and Black seed oil in nonpork capsule. 

Vessel Plus - The wonderful formula contains several herbs that have been known to support a healthy vascular system.

KB plus- This herbal formula is designed to support the kidney and bladder system.

Lymph Aide  This formula supports the unsung hero of immunity the lymphatic system and vessels.

Vesse-Tea - This house tea blend consists of several plants for short term use known enhance circulation in blood, veins, and lymph, Crateagus, Cleavers, prickly ashe, gingko, stevia. 

Tea ball infusers make it easy to use loose leaf tea efficiently.

Castor oil pack - As a little known antiinflammatory, castor oil plays an essential role in healing and cleansing:; pack contains 8oz of organic castor oil 1 piece of organic cotton flannel

Rosemary or Cypress  essential oil   - 1/2oz - support digestion colon elimination and Immune and circulation said. 



24- hour access to 20 minute video cleanse workshop with Dr.Mincey - included

Plan V  supplement information why some may want to add this


Most shots for COVID19 are designed to create an imnune reaction in the body called inflammation caused by something called a "spike" protein - this is often silent and does not always cause pain or create obvious symptoms but overtime may do so.

Some examples of painless inflammation are digestive imbalances, allergies, autoimmune problems and cancer in the very early stages. Many Americans are already very inflammed prior to receiving this shot.

The shots contain synthetic ingredients as well as a protein that the human body has never encountered in this fashion in over 3.5 million years. Therefore the ingredients may be considered as toxins by the body - immediately for some and for others over time or at a future time.

The ingredients also include toxic manmade oils that may be stored in that fatty tissues of your body causing further inflammation. As these are  FDA approved for interstae commerce they are still investigational until 2022, definitive conclusions can not be drawn as to the long term consequences.

It is practical to use therapies that assist the body in purging the potentially toxic chemicals and opposing inbalanccs that may remain after the shot has been given.


Plan V does not treat any disease, defect or deformity. It is herbal support to a assist an inflamed body and supports a balanced immune system. Ingredients are here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These statements come from US  emergency use authorization documents, and clinical trial information. 



OPTION 2 detail - 3-Day Winter Cleanse Event - In office support

Far-infrared therapy - 60 minutes (what is this?).

Energy Balance Detox (3 sessions) (what tis this?)

In office with Dr. Mincey -as needed (office rates apply).

Total cost of options 2 - in office support is only $442.00

Total investment in your future health $442.00 +shipping if applicable






Option 3: The Fall Fat Blaster  - Cleanse and Burn

Take advantage of the winter vessel cleanses caloric restriction and use our Zerona cold laser to burn 3.5 inches of fat on average like the people did in FDA clincal trials with this therapy. Six visits is the minimum to jump start, clean you up, burn even more toxic fat and get the body slimmer for summer.

Cost $1442.00 for 6 visits + examination and setup. Additional supplements may be required. Get started now, click below;