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Each year 12 billion pounds of toxic waste are spewed into the air creating myriad stealth health conditions in the American Public. Each American on average inhales 8 pounds of toxic air annually. The (EPA) Environmental protection agency published a paper several hundred pages long which documented the health hazards of toxic metals which are found in the food supply, air, water, some clothing, and some medicines. Essentially no person in an industrialized nation is free from the toxins about. “Toxin” actually means “poison or poison for arrows.” These poisons can interfere with normal bodily function and hormonal processes. They are present in many sick and diseased persons. Based on the above data it is good idea to cleanse the body twice annually and prudent to take measures that can shield it from the various pollutions such as electromagnetic, air, water, and adulterated food that has over the years made the USA the number 23 in terms of health in the world.

Seasonal cleanses

Certain rhythms have been observed over time and many have found that the natural change of planetary rotation around the sun causes seasons. The Seasons ; Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer occasion different functional changes in the body. Thus it makes good sense to pay attempt to help these organ purge during there high energy times.

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Specialty Cleanses

Many reasons for toxicity stem from environmental, but work and every day activities and age are most important. We have designed and custom design programs based on an individual exposure profile. Recall there are some 65,000 chemicals floated around and all carry a toxic burden that at this time can be managed by most.

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Cellular cleanses

These cleanses involve the use of technology to cleanse the body and stimulate activity at the cellular level.

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