What benefits come with infrared heat?   

Infrared heat has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a multitude of anti-aging and cardiovascular health benefits The benefits of infrared are numerous and significant and research shows the longer you remain surrounded in infrared the better and more lasting the effects are.





Our bodies are exposed to toxic substances every day  There is evidence that nutrition and by slowly raising the body’s core temperature we can more effectively detox the body using the body’s own natural filters: That body uses 7 detoxification pathway and with sauna and herbal therapy we believe we can assist them all. For an appointment call 973-744-1155 or click here.

Fat loss and Zerona Fat  loss

With increase in the temperature of the body and a resultant increase in the metabolic rate. This process nourishes and speed normal metabolic process when yield increase caloric burn. This result in healthier weight many people. For an appointment call 973-744-1155.