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Great results from Zerona

Well the Zerona cold laser has met with great success and in addition to the broad promotion that we have seen on the national networks, we now have a long list of happy patients to add onto the more than 44,000 sessions that took place since the creation of this device. Of course FDA approval and clearance occurred in 2010 and since that time we have seen Zerona on Dr.Oz, The Real housewives of Atlanta, Racheal Ray, and various new media, magazines.

Although not a requirement it seems people can get even better results, with proper nutrition, and a very reasonable regimen of exercise. We look forward to helping thousands more; from brides-to-be, to everyday people, use the technology to build health and become slimmer and more shapely.

Get BPA out of our food!

We can get BPA out of food packaging - but to do it, we need you to stand with the tens of thousands of people who've already taken action.

By March 31, the federal Food and Drug Administration will rule on food packaging that leaches (BPA)bisphenol A, a petrochemical derivative, plastics component and synthetic estrogen. This may cause health problems in men and women.

If the FDA decides to eliminate BPA from cans and bottles, food packaging will change forever, for the better, but the food industry is fighting to keep the status quo.

Let's make sure we don't get drowned out by the food industry's well-funded, last-ditch attempts to stop any progress at the FDA. Tell the FDA today that you want BPA out of food packaging.

Click here to take action. The FDA needs to hear from you today that you want BPA out of food packaging.

Thank you for taking action for safer, healthier food.

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We love it when we can help.

We love it when we can help people be happy, healthy and educated about the relationship between their bodies and the environment. We provide our customers with a priceless service - enhanced well being.